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ASK Bob - FAQ about our Rotary Web Site - Plus
1. How can I get the phone number for Joe Arnold?
A. All of the members have access phone numbers in the on-line Roster.
2. I don't have the password. How can I get it?
A: When you go to the Roster page, there is a message that tells you to select your e-mail from the drop down list, and the password will be e-mailed to you
3. I will be recognition master next week. How can I get the list of Birthdays and Anniversaries?
A. When you access the Roster, the member birthday list is available under Club Lists > Anniv / B-Day List. This produces a list you can print from the Internet Explorer.
4. How many members are in our club now.
A. When you access the Roster, the number of members is shown at the top of the page. As of January 2019, this number was 105, including 10 Honorary members.
5. I need a sign-up list for an event. Can you get one for me?
A. On the Roster page, select Sign-up List. Enter a Heading for the List Page, select One Check Box, Two Check Boxes, or Single Line; Select Large, Medium or Small Print sizee, and View the list. By selecting the Print Preview option on the Internet Explorer, you can see what you will print.
6. I would like to have a list of Rotarians in my Excel spreadsheet. How could I do this.
A. On the Roster page, select Custom List. The default selection provides Names only. You could select home phones, home address, or what-ever. When the list is produced, simply select the entire list - Click and Drag from top to bottom, do a Copy and Past (Ctrl-C, followed by a Ctrl-V) into Excel on a clean worksheet. Voila - you have the Excel spreadsheet list of Rotarians.
7. I am giving a Birthday Party for my 70th birthday. How can I send an invitation to all the members?
A. On the Roster page, select Mail Labels. Download the list and print it on your printer. All you need is the Avery 3 x 10 Mailing Label sticker page to apply the labels to your envelopes.
8. What is the Number of our Club? What District is our Club in? Why do I want this info?
A. Our Club Number is 828; Our District Number is 5320. See the next question for why you want to know this.
9. How can I find out what my Paul Harris contribution level is?
A. Go to www.Rotary.Org > Member Access (on the right). If you have never been to this page, you Must Register - and have your new password sent to you. You will need the District Number (5320), Our Club Number (828), and your Membership Id (from the On-Line Roster).
10. Where will I find out what the Program will be next week? Next Month?
A. At the bottom of our Rotagram is a list of the currently scheduled events.
11. I want to get an updated printed roster. How can I get one?
A. The on-line roster is the most updated roster. To get the printed version of this, you can e-mail me, OR Print your own: select Print Roster on the Roster heading, and then select which one you want. The Full Page Roster is the simplest one to print. If you have a 2 sided printer, the Half Page roster is easy to re-produce the Roster handed out at the club. If all you want is a phone list, the Pocket Phone List is complete, and can be folded to fit in your pocket.
12. I would like to use the Logo on a printed document. Could you send me one.
A. At the top of most of the Web pages is the "Rotary Club of Fullerton Logo" - one with the year, the 2nd without the year. and the RI logo at the bottom of the page.. If you click on the logo, it will load into a savable file, suitable to re-size for stationary, etc.
What is the A/E (Attendance Excused) status some of our members have?
A. When you have been a member for 5 years, and the number of years you have been a member plus your age is 85 or more, you are eligible to become Attendance Excused when you are 65 or older. You must request this status to the Board for approval, which is automatic. This relieves you of the Rotary requirement to attend meetings, and you are only billed for the meals that you attend, not for the meals you miss.
How can I change my address or phone number in the Roster?
A. There are 2 ways to do this:

(1). You can access your own record by clicking on your Photo. You can then elect to have your personal Username / Password sent to you. Then you can access and change your own record.

(2). If you do not have e-mail, or wish the club secretary to do so, please inform the Secretary by e-mail of any change in your information. He / she will update the Roster.

15. Do you happen to have a contact number for Julie Anderson? She was a member a few years ago.
A. When you go into the Club Roster page, there is a choice of New Members, Past Members, Address Changes, etc. Most of the past members have not forwarded any change information, so what you will see in most cases is the last information for the past member, when he/she resigned.
16. I have an idea for a Rotary Program. Who do I send the information to?
A. Please inform the Program Committee Chair, Farrell Hirsch of program ideas. His committee meets montly, and has schduled meetings for several months in advance. See the Events Page for the current schedule.
17. I remember a recent program. Is there anyway to look at past Rotagrams to get more info?

The past Rotagrams for the last 10 years is kept on the Web Site.

On the left side of the first page, click on Rotagram

This will bring up the most recent Rotagram. In the upper left corner of each Rotagram, you will see 3 arrows. The left arrow will progress to the previous Rotagram. The right arrow will proceed to the next Rotagram. The Up arrow will open an Index, to select a past month within the most recent 7 years. The little house will exit to the Home page again.

18. There seem to be so many requests for donations made of me. What are the meaning of these? The Recognition Chair is accessing fines of the members. Does this cost me more?
A. There is the Annual Community Investment Donation request, where you make a pledge of what you wish to donate to our Community Investment Program. This pledge is done at the start of each Rotary year (in June or July).This is then billed quarterly, separately from your Rotary bill. The consequence of the recognition fine is irrelevant - and has no impact on your Rotary costs.

The Community Investment Committee meets and decides where to allocate the available funds our club donates to our community.

Another donation program, the Paul Harris Fellowship program is sponsored by Rotary International, and supports primarily the international outreach projects of Rotary International. There are several local projects also sponsored by this donation - including RYLA. (Rotary Youth Leadership Activity) To become a sustaining member of the Paul Harris Fellowship program, you must donate $100 per year; when you have donated $1,000, you may designate someone (possibly yourself) as a Paul Harris Fellow. Our club became a 100% Paul Harris Fellow club in 2006, and only a few of our newer members are not Paul Harris Fellows now.

19. I’m moving. How do I transfer my membership to a club in my new area?
A. Visit the new club, request to be processsed as a new member. Because each Rotary club is self-governing, however, membership isn’t directly transferable. Once you’ve been accepted for membership in the new club, you should resign your membership in your former club, as of your admittance date to your new club.