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Volume 81 Issue 10 Wed, Sep 8, 2021 Rota-Scribe Thad Sandford

Our President, Zoot Valesco opened the meeting at 12:30 and talked about our club bell. The bell was presented to the club in 1928 and has engraved on it every club president since the club founding. He did not mention, but some remember that Marty Burbank took the bell home for cleaning just a few months ago. A sightly been indeed and an excellent reminder of the past presidents that have helped keep our club strong and active for 100 years.

Minard Duncan gave the invocation.

Matt Howells reminded us to the individual sacrifice of live related to the 9/11 attack, including those that died that day, the military members who lost their life in the battles and the many (over 30,000) who lost their lives thru suicide as a direct result of the war. He then led us in the Aledge of Allegiance.

Bud Lang led in song, as his maiden tour as song leader for the day.

Ken Kaisch provided our moment of reflection of peace by pointing out the need for tolerance at a both personal and professional to truly achieve peace.

Our guests today included several members of the Chamber of Commerce staff, which were very welcome.

Our recognition chair for the day was Rick Crane, who was able to collect quite a bit of money for our charities. He was able to collect for every birthday and anniversity, including from those who were absent, by fining their presumed friends. He then asked for brags, at $5 a pop, which always generated a good contribution. List is too long to record, but was impressive.

Our speaker for the was our own Joyce Capelle who provided her senior craft talk. She provided an entertaining overview of her life of service. Joyce started life adopted into a very loving family whom she clear loved. By 18 she was living on her own, at minimum wage, while taking some classes. Through perseverance she graduated with first a associate degree from Long Beach City College, then Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s Degree from Long Beach State. She always wanted to be a lawyer and later was able to earn her law degree, from Pacific West Law school, even though she has no interest in working as a lawyer.

She went to work for Crittenden in 1997and was soon selected as CEO. There she has distinguished herself and Crittenden with her leadership and service to needy at-risk young women. She is well known for advocacy for at risk service involved girls and young women and has received numerous awards. She clearly epitomizes the Rotary slogan with her ‘Service Above Self’. Joyce received a standing ovation from the club out of respect for her service and accomplishments.

Zoot Valesco closed the meeting at 1:30 with a quote from Jimmy Dean (of Sausage Fame, singer, author, etc)

"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination."

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