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Volume 81 Issue 45 Wed, May 18, 2022

Rota-Scribe: Gerardo Chagolla

Meeting was called to order by President Zoot Velasco who welcomed everyone at today’s meeting. He acknowledged today’s guest speaker, Brett Ackerman, Chief Executive for the Fullerton Boys & Girls Club. Today’s quote is dedicated to the young children all over the world, “spring is upon us! For the young that means courting rituals. For the rest of us, that means cleaning. Oh- to be young again!”

Judy Atwell, Larry Bennet, and Ken Kaisch were called to the front for commencement ceremonies. Judy Atwell gave our invocation and a beautiful poem named, “Try Not To Judge.” Larry Bennet led us in our Patriotic Moment. Ken Kaisch, our Peace Ambassador, reminded us of 1 of the 6 Pillars of Rotary, Peace, and gave us 3 gratitude quotes by the likes of Oprah and Fred Dewitt Van. President Velasco thanked ReShawn, Carol, and our new Rotoscribe, Fullerton College Journalism Intern Gerardo Chagolla for helping with the meeting today.

Wednesday’s guests were former State Senator, Dick Ackerman, Financial Planner for Monkey Business Café in Fullerton Rebecca Forester, and Financial Planner and Advisor Chris Payne. There was no special guest for our Rotary Minute at Wednesday’s meeting. Bud Lang, our songmaster, led us with his rendition of Samuel Francis Smith’s “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee.”

President Velasco bestowed the Changemaker chip to Coyote Hills server, Ian Davis Harris, to a standing ovation.

Bailey Kline gave our announcements for the day. She reminded us of May’s Offsite meeting at Big B’s BBQ in Fullerton, on May 25. President Velasco will not be present that day.

Today’s exciting Duck Race for Charity event was won by duck number 27. The winning duck was not selected which means there was no winner today. $40 next week!!!

Our Recognition Master: the principal is here, and he carries a big stick. Prepare to get your hands wacked and have to clap erasers after the meeting. It’s Principal Minard Duncan! Mr. Duncan thanked President Elect Joe Lins for last weeks “midlife talk.” He jokingly referenced Lins pictures from his talk and said, “your dad aged a lot better than you did!” and fined him $5 for it. The topic for today’s fines were hummingbirds, since next month June, will be summertime and it’s the hummingbird’s time to shine. Member Howard Minkley, was recognized for his 12 year Rotary anniversary and challenged on his knowledge of the speed of a hummingbird, to which he laughingly answered, “I haven’t counted, but if I had to guess, 5000 beats per minute.” He was incorrect and was fined $4. Member Cathy Gach, was recognized for her 34 years of marriage. Congratulations Cathy! She was asked, “How many hummingbirds are found in Mexico, Texas and California?” To which she playfully answered, “I have plenty of them in my backyard!” She was fined $2 for answering incorrect. Lastly, member John Phelps was recognized for wife’s Kerry’s birthday on May 30. Mr. Phelps said he made arrangements to celebrate her birthday in style. He was tested on what color does the hummingbird like the best? He correctly answered red to which he was not fined. No humble brags were mentioned today.

Wednesday’s program at hand was presented by President Velasco. He introduced him as a man that runs a very important program, “most important for kids since we lost the housewives. Nobody can afford to stay home, a family needs dual income,” said President Velasco, “congratulations on 9 years!” Brett Ackerman, Fullerton Rotary Club member since 2013, and Chief Executive Officer for the Fullerton Boys & Girls Club. Mr. Ackerman thanked everyone and recalled a Rotary Fund Committee he attended which convinced him to do today’s program for Boys & Girls Club. He gave a brief history on the Boys & Girls Club nationally, since the 1800’s. In Fullerton, it has been part of the community since 1952 and incorporated since 1954. He reminisced on how it was pre-pandemic and compared it to during the pandemic. “During the pandemic, we were only allowed to serve half of the kids, safely.” As of June 2021, all clubs opened for summer program and August 2021, the “new normal” fall program (social distancing). The mentioned the challenges he and his staff faced during “an unbelievable strange time in our history.” He mentioned, with great pride, the opportunities that will become available soon, and lastly, took questions from the crowd. President Velasco thanked him and called him a real hero, as he is. Mr. Ackerman got a standing ovation for his presentation and for his great work with children and the Fullerton Boys & Girls Club.

Meeting was adjourn by President Velasco with a quote for the day from Ralph Waldo Emerson, “the only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be. Be the change you want to see in the world.”

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