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Volume 81 Issue 47 Wed, June 1, 2022

Rota-Scribe: Gerardo Chagolla

Meeting was called to order by President Zoot Velasco who welcomed everyone at today’s meeting, while mentioning that June will be the last month in his position as President. Comically, he’s willing to take any bribes to pardon anyone before his time is up. He acknowledged today’s guest speaker, Fullerton Council Member, Ahmad Zahra.

Melissa Harding, Carl Camp, Ken Kaisch were called up from for our commencement ceremonies. Melissa Harding gave us our invocation. Mr. Kaisch gave us our moment of peace, with a poem called, “Sympathy” which urged us to think of the needs of others around you. Mr. Camp led us with our prayer. The Patriotic Moment and Pledge of Allegiance, was conducted by Theresa Harvey. President Velasco thanked Beverly, Carol, and new Rotoscribe, Fullerton College Journalism Intern, Gerardo Chagolla for helping with today’s meeting. There were no guests today.

Our Rotary Minute was given to us by the very funny Bill Mathy. He reminisced of when Past President, Ray Ashcroft, invited him to the Fullerton Rotary Club in 1996, and eventually sponsoring him in joining our wonderful club. He then became president himself and joined a fun group of guys called the “posse.” He finished his minute with “How Rotary Changed My Life,” and President Velasco honored him with a Rotary Changemaker Chip to great ovation. Our Songmaster, Bud Lang, led us with his rendition of “Smile,” a song by Nat King Cole.

Today’s first announcement was that Rotary Club will no longer hold Zoom meetings. Mr. Mathy is always the only viewer in attendance. President Velasco turned in to a stand-up comic and stated, “we’ve grown tired of seeing his crotch,” as oppose to his face on the screen. Member Ernie Delfin announced that we need Rotary Minute Speakers and passed around a sign-up sheet. He also wanted to briefly speak of the impact that, “History of Rotary,” book had on him and brought a copy to share with the members in attendance. Member Ken Kaisch was up and he was on fire! He pled and begged for members to sign up for “Demotion Night,” for President Velasco’s roast. Mr. Kaisch liken this event to political season and named it, “Get Rid of Corruption” night. Mr. Kaisch is an absolute master on the microphone.

With the assistance from Beverly as a witness, the Duck Race was played different today. Since we no longer have the screen, President Velasco called the action. Duck number 3 and 19 were neck and neck throughout the race. Duck number 3 wins! Member Andrew Gregson with the enthusiastic cheer! His duck wins and Mr. Gregson wins $20!

Past President Mike Cochran was today’s Recognition Master and Fine Master. Marty Burbank (not present) was recognized for his birthday and anniversary. However, Carl Camp, was called and recognized for his 30 year Rotary anniversary. He was also fined $1. Long time member, nd Past President Jeff Hutchinson was recognized for his birthday and anniversary. He was fined $1. Knowing that most people being recognized would not be in attendance, he challenged each table with questions. Questions varied from, “What are the smallest subatomic particles?” which was answered incorrectly and each member from the table fined $1.

Today’s Humble Brags; Mr. Kaisch bragged about proposing to his sweetheart and her accepting his offer. Way to go! President Velasco brags about being the Long Beach Story Slam Champion. He will be performing in a Storytelling Concert of “Liars, Thieves, and Chocolate,” at the city of Long Beach’s, El Dorado Nature Center, Saturday June, 4 at 7:30 PM., produced by Long Beach Storytelling Guild. Admission is $5 and chocolate will be provided with the cost of admission.

Wednesday’s program at hand, presented by President Velasco, was Fullerton City Council Member Ahmad Zahra. Councilmember Zahra thanked Rotary members in attendance and asked if we can coordinate the 1 clap but amusingly, it was not to be. Council Member Zahra has been living in Fullerton for 21 year having moved from LA. He was born in Syria but grew up in England. He comes from a family of doctors and in his culture, if your parents are doctors, that means that you will be a doctor too. He studied medicine, although, Councilmember Zahra’s passion was to work in film. He moved to Hollywood where he started from scratch and established himself with a 20 year career in independent film. He recalled how difficult his early years in Hollywood were. He remembers a time when he had no place to sleep and saw a vacancy sign. He had no money and no credit but the apartment manager saw the good in him and helped him out. Because of that moment, he “pays it forward” with his work in City Council. “You never know how far that person is going to go,” he said.

Councilmember Zahra calls Fullerton home. He knows there’s issues to tackle. “Lots of kids have 1 meal a day. How to tackle the issue? Talk about it. Admit there is a problem,” he said. “How do we fulfill the needs in our community? Show up to the council meetings. Everything happens at the local level.” He calls his time in Fullerton City Council a privilege. Council Member Zahra takes a few questions from Fullerton Rotary Club members in attendance. He is a man that passionately loves his job, “I ran because I thought I could make a difference. Politics are ugly and I don’t enjoy them but I love to serve the people.” President Velasco, thanked Councilmember Zahra for his service in council and bestowed him with a Changemaker Chip and $50 worth of Stock in Fullerton Rotary.

Meeting was adjourn by President Velasco with a quote from American businessman, “Build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs. Be the change you want to see in the world.”

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