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Volume 83 Issue 9 Wed August 30, 2023

Rota-Scribe: Gerardo Chagolla


Meeting was called to order by club president Jim Ripley. He acknowledged how quick the summer went by and how Christmas is right around the corner. CIA letters went out back in July so please be on the lookout for them, if you did not receive them, please contact Cathy Gach.

For our Commencement Ceremonies, Brett Ackerman led us in or Invocation. He reminded us that Rotary International is a non- discriminatory, non-political, non-denominational organization. “As Rotarians, we are greatly blessed with lives of relative luxury and opportunities unknown to many. As we consider our priorities and our opportunities to help others open our hearts and our accounts to those in need while still providing us with appropriate fruits of our own labors, help us to share not only our tangible wealth, but also our intangible riches of knowledge, leadership and creativity to make our city, our nation and our world a better place filled with peace and love that only we can bring.” Gerardo Chagolla led us in our Patriotic Moment. He asked for everyone to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, “Military vets salute the flag, all others place your right hand over your heart.”

Today’s guest include, Dan MacFarland, guest and brother of club comedian Randy MacFarland. Mark Von Esch from Little Eagle Free in Fullerton, California. Welcome to all guest!

Minard Duncan announced that he will be next week’s Recognition Master/Finemaster, “for all you Poets, I want you to review your favorite poem. You might be called upon.” Looks like a lot of fines will be dished out next week. Brett announced the Boys and Girls Club of Fullerton is having Giving Day that day. They need to raise $10,000, “and if we do so, we have a $10,000 match for that, which we’re going to put in play with the new partnership that I have with the foundation that focuses on early literacy with kids.”

Today’s Songmaster was the irreplaceable Bill Edmond. He led us in an a cappella version of “America the Beautiful.” Everyone joined in for 2 verses of greatness. Great job Bill.

Our Finemaster/Recognition Master was Kim Barlow who was anxious to raise some money. She asked for whoever oversees sending out the list of recognitions to put in $5, because it was not easy to print. Farrell Hirsch was fined for fining himself last week and not allowing Kim to be the person who fines him. Tom Knolls was recognized for 45 years of Rotary service. He was fine free. Dr. Thad Sandford was recognized for his 55th wedding anniversary. Kim asked everyone from his table to pay his fine. Johny Hong was recognized for his 2nd Rotary Anniversary but was not fined because he is a “gentleman” and grabbed her a glass of water. Bob Jahncke was fined because it took her 30 minutes to print the list. She fined him $5 for it, “fix it Bob, please.” She then played a game of “Who Remembers?” asking random questions to whoever could answer and fined people who “remembered” the answers to her questions. Great Job Kim Barlow!

Today’s Program at Hand was introduced by Brett Ackerman, who was asked to take over for Dick Ackerman who is out sailing. “When you look at the history of Doug Chaffee, there is a lot to be spoken for. He is from Anaheim and moved to Fullerton where he attended Fullerton high school. He earned a degree in Economics from the University of Redlands. He attended Northwestern Law School where he received his Law degree. He was an attorney for many years and transitioned into politics, City Council and then on to the Orange County Board of Supervisors where he is now serving as the chair. Doug is married to his wife Paulette, and they have two children and two grandchildren. Please welcome, O.C. Supervisor Doug Chaffee.” Doug thanked everyone for having him, and thanked Brett for being the inspiration for the Boys and Girls Club. He says that his wife serves as his ambassador and kind of smooths over the rough edges. They just celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary. Dan Ouweleen’s Demotion night was the last time he attended a Fullerton Rotary event. He recalls asking Susan Ouweleen about Dan and she described him as “part Rockstar part Superman” which are the qualities of a Rotarian. So, as the supervisor of 7 cities in Orange County, Doug works a little bit different than others. He has a circuit that he uses to visit the city managers in all the cities he oversees. He can work with them and find out what they need to be successful. A more traditional role for a supervisor is to work with the mayors, “that’s all boring and too much politics. I like to work with the city managers, and they tell me the real story of what’s going on and we get a lot of projects going,” said Chaffee. There is currently a project going on in all his 7 cities. So, Doug does not follow guidance of any political party, “I also ran for office in spite of my own party endorsing a different candidate.” He says he won his race in spite of that. He credits his political philosophies as reasons to why a couple of things have happened under his supervision. Recently, social workers have been put as members of the police department with some discretionary funding, “I was able to fund a two-year pilot program, the only program in the state, where social workers are actually employed as employees of the police department.” He believes that putting in a social worker in the department will make a very viable difference. He says that social workers can step up and take over during a 5150-welfare call, which can take a police officer off duty for the entirety of their shift. Social workers can also help with deescalating situations. He believes this pilot program can be very successful and probably cost effective as well. The other thing that he is most proud of is the CalOptima Health board he sits on. He was able to find some surplus money and created a $500 scholarship program for students entering school this fall so that they can apply for that money. In conjunction with that program, he created a nursing scholarship program to help expand faculty and create a great clinical experience for the students. Major Criminal Justice Reform program is a program in its fourth year, but he has been a part of for 2 months. The program is based on five pillars with each pillar having its own committee and sub committees. The first pillar is prevention, to keep people out of the system. The second is, if you’re in the system lets get you out. The third pillar is to get you appropriate treatment while you’re incarcerated. The fourth pillar is called release, to release the person into the care of the person who is helping, so if you are homeless, the program will help you find someone to stay with. The fifth pillar is called Juvenile Justice, “it’s a major effort and I think it will be a model to use. It’s a fabulous program that we’re putting together, and it will be cost effective.” Last year’s efforts are still paying off. A gun buyback program was done in the county which got 100 guns off the street, including 16 assault weapons. “No questions asked, no photography allowed. Just pop the trunk, the officer picks the weapon and inspects it and then they drive on to another station to get paid.” Because the first gun buyback program was successful, Doug and his team are planning another gun buy back program, “the more guns we get off the street, the safer the streets are.” Some of the fun things that they do is called the Future Leaders program, where they invite local high schools to spend 5 Saturdays with them and discuss county issues and other issues that might land them with job opportunities. Another little tour of the state of the county report was the World’s largest sewer water recreation plant, which was expanded to its capacity. It creates 30 million gallons of drinkable water which will take care of more than a million residents just by recycling that water, which we he thinks will answer a lot of the drought problems that California experiences and provide excellent jobs at the same time, “it’s a fascinating process and the most advanced in the world is right here in Orange County.” One of the keys to the future is having good transportation, so Doug serves on the Orange County Transportation board as associate and is currently Vice President of Metrolink. “So, there’s a lot of work to be done, but sometimes politics get in the way.” In the past, Doug Chaffee has been president of the Sunrise Fullerton Club, “way back yonder,” he calls it a wonderful organization even if its membership are declining. “I appreciate the collaboration that all of you represent together. That’s how you get things done.” For more information, please visit Doug Chaffee ended his presentation and took some questions from club members. President Jim Ripley presented him with a certificate with a donation in his name to Working Dogs for Warriors, a non-profit who rescue dogs from shelters, train them and pair them up with first responders and veterans who are dealing with PTSD.

Last thing on the agenda was the 50/50 drawing. Lucky ticket holder ending in 0800 wins $40. Next week’s program is guest speaker from Chapman University, Professor Kevin O’ Leary, “the fabric of democracy and why it works in America.” President Ripley closed out his meeting with his signature line, “don’t forget to subscribe and hit the like button. Tell a friend and invite someone to our next meeting. And with that, we call the meeting adjourned!”

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