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Volume 82 Issue 4 Wed, July 27, 2022

Rota-Scribe: Gerardo Chagolla

Fullerton Rotary Club - Strategic Planning

Meeting was called to order by President Joe Lins. He thanked the wait staff and the kitchen staff for today’s meal. Prime rib! As always, he thanked Monica, Leslie, and Carol for helping set up. President Lins reminded members in attendance about the Community Investment Awards email he sent out and again, expects 100% participation. He suavely transitioned to, “On This Date,” segment. “Last week in 1969, Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first men to walk on the moon. And yesterday, the jacket worn by Buzz Aldrin when he set foot on the moon was sold for a record-breaking $2.7 million!” “This Just In,” segment, “on this day in 1986 two 300 game winners faced each other with Don Sutton going 6 strong innings to outpitch Tom Seaver and give the Angels a 3-0 victory over the Boston Red Sox.”

For our commencement ceremonies, Leslie McCarthy led us in prayer: “Embracing Father, you grace each of us with equal measure in your love. Let us learn to love our neighbors more deeply, so that we can create peaceful and just communities. Inspire us to use our creative energies to build the structures we need to overcome the obstacles of intolerance and indifference. To truly provide service above self, locally and globally. May you provide us the example needed and send the spirit to warm our hearts for the journey. Amen” Our Patriotic Moment was given to us by Randy McFarland, which was dedicated to all police officers, first responders, and military personnel. He led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Today’s guest’s, introduced by President Lins, were Alice Shiozawa from Placentia Rotary Club. Stephanie Christine, guest of Rikki Bains and Jeff Krolosky and Brian Kach, guest of Dan Ouweleen.

Our Rotary Minute was given to us by the marvelous Sueling Chen. Sueling remembers when she was first invited as a guest and the program at hand attracted her to join. She remembers all the happy people, so she went home and did some research on Rotary. “The relationship, connection, and common goal of doing things for others. Here, I found what the secret was to achieving common goals,” she said about Fullerton Rotary Club. We are grateful to have her in our club! President Lins complimented her on her choice of footwear as she sat down, and introduced our esteemed Songmaster, Bud “Woody” Lang. Woody went with the traditional Rotary song, “Smile,” where the members electrified the room with singing and friendship. Great choice Woody!

Today’s announcements started with Jeff Korolsky announcing an opportunity drawing Thursday night at Highway 39 Event Center for Throwback Thursday. He is selling tickets for $100 and the winner takes home $2000. The raffle also has cruises and other fun prizes. Alice Shiozawa, announced that the Placentia Rotary Club is hosting its 13th annual Cowabunga BBQ N’ Beer Festival taking place Saturday September 17, from 3 to 8 pm, at Kraemer Park, in the city of Placentia. It will be all you can eat, with live music and fun. Anyone interested in going can purchase tickets from her or on

Our Recognition and Finemaster, was past President and proud Cal State Long Beach Dirt Bag, Joyce Capelle. She recognized Rikki Baines’ spouse for her birthday and fined him $2. “Farrell Hersch, August 2nd, you have two things happening, first is your 59th birthday, congratulations. Second, 5th anniversary as a Rotarian.” Farrell was fined $2 and so was Jim Williams for asking what Farrell was doing for his birthday. Joyce, then asked what Farrell will do for his birthday, same question that got Jim in trouble and fined, “I will celebrate at the Muck (Muckenthaler Center) with our opening act being our friend Bud Lang.” A funny interaction between all three of them. She then asked Bob Jahncke if there was anything going on with him, “I guess I do. I’ve been married to the same woman for 61 years.” Joyce wittingly responded, “anything over 50 years should be fine free but we will send her a condolence card instead.” She asked Leslie if she can tell us what she is celebrating, “I have a Rotarian anniversary and a birthday coming up.” Leslie promised to sing to her on her birthday’s but first to put $2 happy dollars in the fine net. Jim Ripley was recognized for his birthday which is the same day as Leslie’s. “Are you and Leslie going to the same place to celebrate?” Joyce asked Jim, to which he assured he doubted that. Bob Sattler was recognized for his Rotary anniversary and for his wedding anniversary, he was fined $2. Bill Hite was recognized for his wife’s birthday, and Joyce punished him for almost mentioning her age, “you were about to say her age, huh? That’s a $2 fine Bill.” Thad Sanford was recognized and fined $2 for his birthday on August 8th. In a stunning turn of events, Joyce then decided to fine herself happy dollars when she made a happy announcement, “I recently received cataract surgery and can see why this club is called the old mans club.” This inspired Leslie to stand up and make a happy announcement as well and pay happy dollars, but instead placed an IOU which prompted Joyce to say, “she spent all her money on raffle tickets so she wanted to use a clump of coal as a form of payment.” Joyce did an outstanding job as our Recognition and Finemaster. Kudos to her.

President Lins set the stage for today’s program at hand, the Strategic Planning for Fullerton Rotary Club. He asked Bailey Klein to come up to explain what and how the club is doing for its members, the community, and heading in to the future. She first went over how to download and use the District and Club Database (DACdb App), the primary electronic communication vehicle for Rotary clubs, districts and committees. Bailey then went over the forms on the tables, starting with “What is Your Role in Our Club?” This form is pivotal to making this a successful year for Fullerton Rotary Club. Specifically, volunteering for events or assisting with projects for the club, taking on big or small responsibilities, or even working on a committee. Members were encouraged to fill out the form with their names and phone numbers and check the box to which event they would like to help with this year. Bailey did a great job at expressing the importance of members service to the club. President Lins again took the stage to explain the last form on the tables, “Strategic Planning Discussion Points.” This is a table discussion form hosted by Monica Fernandez where each table had a representative speak about which project and fundraiser was most desirable for the club, what is most likable about the club, what would be something that can change for the club, and other significant point of views members have for the club. For the club project portion, most tables agreed that collaboration with other clubs would be best but not without more clarity of what the other club projects were. For club fundraising, many great ideas came from it. Some tables agreed with beer fest with live music but maybe moving the event to April at the Muckenthaler. Most tables were in agreement with each other. For the portion of “what do you like best about the club,” all were in agreement with the service provided by the club and its members, the fellowship and the Community Investment Awards. For “would you like to change something in our club” portion, all tables agreed that having younger and more diverse members in the club is important for the future of the club. Some members would like to see a collaboration with Fullerton South Rotary Club, chartered in 1964. Other members are interested in ending polio. This was a very successful strategic planning event for President Joe Lins. He thanked everyone for their feedback and ideas. President Lins wants everyone to clear their calendars for October 14 and 26. The 14th is the District 5320 Foundation Dinner at the Old Ranch Country Club in Seal Beach. October 26 is Fullerton Rotary Club’s 100th anniversary! There is a celebration at the Summit House but more information is coming, so Save the Date.

Last thing on the agenda was the 50/50 drawing worth $26. The winning ticket was 636975. The winner was today’s guest from Orange Rotary Club. Congratulations! “Thanks to everyone. Meeting is adjourned!”

Proposed New Member: Rebecka Forrester, by Johm Phelps. Rebecca represents Monkey Business to our club; She is a Realtor, Attorney , and an accomplished public speaker

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