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Volume 82 Issue 16 Wed Oct 19, 2022

Rota-Scribe: Gerardo Chagolla

Proposed New Members: Theresa (Taz) Stachelski, Guild Mortgage, Fullerton, by Susan Ouweleen
Billie Edman, Aflac & Covered California, (Health Insurance), Fullerton, by Dan Ouweleen
Steve McLaughlin, Fullerton HS Superintendent, by Dan Ouweleen
Carl Zener, Fullerton HS Administator, by Dan Ouweleen
Nadia Kohlwey, Circa Real Estate, by Suzy Ouweleen
Pat Hartnett, Attorney by Jim Williams

Fullerton Rotary Club – Election Campaign Issues and Predictions with Professor Barbara Stone

Meeting was called to order by club President Joe Lins. He welcomed everyone in attendance, “be good and be kind!” Today’s opening thoughts, he asked club members if they preferred to meet on December 21st or December 28th for Christmas season. A unanimous vote was to skip both meetings.

“Christian Esteban, congratulations on your new upcoming addition,” said President Lins to well-loved member, Christian.

Today’s important facts, Los Angeles Dodgers President of Baseball Operations, Andrew Freeman said, “it’s human nature to want to point the finger at someone, and I feel like this was an organizational failure in the postseason. I feel like our regular season goal, we accomplished.” This was in response to the Dodgers being eliminated by the San Diego Padres in the NLDS last week. In regards to last weeks lively NFL discussion, “the Denver Broncos dropped the San Diego Chargers. The Rams dropped the Carolina Panthers. And the Seattle Seahawks dropped the Arizona Cardinals.” In the NBA, the Los Angeles Lakers, have yet to win a game. Lakers are in last place in the Pacific Division.

President Lins announced that the Fullerton Rotary Club 100th year Anniversary is sold out. CIA updates, total amount $18,440. “Outstanding results so far. We are on our way. Thank you to those who have sent their contributions. We need to raise a minimum of $20,000 to keep the OC Community Foundation as our partner.”

For our commencement ceremonies, Matt Howells led us in our Invocation. He led us in a powerful prayer. His prayer was Halloween based with a brief history that goes back 2000 years. From the Celtic people Halloween history to “All Saints Eve,” a Catholic Church celebration, “Let us pray for all of those we have lost. Amen.”

Daniel Stewart led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. He loves to travel and recently returned from an Italian trip, “when we landed in New York, a feeling of comfort of being back in the country that I love hit me.”

Today’s guests in attendance: Don Westenhaver, longtime friend, mentor, and guest of Thad Sanford. Bob “Best Brother-in-Law Ever” Blanton and Sally “Best Wife Ever” Williams, guest of Jim Williams. Sarah McKelves, guest of Andrew Gregson. Beth Jahncke, wife of Bob Jahncke. Prospective member, Liza Wozab. President of Cal State Fullerton University Rotaract, Phi Nguyen, and Treasurer of Cal State Fullerton University Rotaract, Jimmy Chay.

Our Rotary Minute was given to us by Past President Jeff Hutchison. “Years ago, in the 1970s, I worked for Jim Shook, Fullerton Rotary Club President from 1978-79. I worked with him closely enough to learn from behind the scenes. I didn’t grasp what this club did for each other.” Unfortunately, Jim Shook died in an accident in 1983. “2 weeks before he passed, I gave him my resignation. He told me that I couldn’t quit. I didn’t get a chance to resign. Rotary has been fantastic to us and it changed the life of our two families.”

Our Songmaster, Bud “Woody” Lang is back. “Did you miss me?” He told a story of when he was a little kid solo artist, “My dad’s favorite song is “The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feeling Groovy),” by Simon and Garfunkel. I am dedicating this song to him.” Great song selection. Good to have you back.

Today’s announcements were kicked off by Leslie McCarthy, “Joe had all the joy to announce the sell out for our Anniversary event. But I have a tough task. I am in charge of collection. If you haven’t paid yet please give me your checks!”

Cal State Fullerton University Rotaract President Phi Nguyen announced an update on her club’s behalf. “I am proud to say that our club is doing well. Last year, because of COVID, we didn’t do so well. This year we have 30 members. It’s all because of the fun events. Last week we went to the foster homes to host a Halloween party. Next week we will be volunteering at a haunted house. Quick shout out to our Board Members, they’ve done so much for the success of our club. Thank you.”

Our Recognition and Finemaster was Madam Princess and Past President Joyce Capelle. “Before I start, are we sure that the sound effects are all gone?” (funny fart noises the microphone holder makes). She first recognized and fined Howard Minkley, “you are celebrating a Rotary anniversary. Do you have any plans on how you will celebrate?” “Sure do. I am going to have dinner at the Chop House in Brea,” said Howard, he was fined $5. Judy Atwell was recognized for her birthday. Rick Crane was recognized and fined $5 for his birthday. Bob Jahncke had an early birthday recognition, “you will be contributing to the early reminder of your birthday, but you will be extremely surprised, by the look on your face, for it. That’s $5 please,” Joyce said hilariously. Next up was a funny and surprising round of fines. Thad Sanford was fined $5 for his story during the introduction of his guest, “shame on you for announcing to your guest that you have a flawed golf game.” Jim Williams was fined $5, “you used your work place connections to meet your lovely wife.” President Joe Lins was fined $5 as a contribution to get him a watch, “have you all noticed that he constantly says, ‘good morning?’ What part of afternoon are you not registering?” She killed it during her time as the Finemaster, “it’s lively to see all you strangers. If you weren’t here, it is because you heard I was Finemaster and you were afraid.”

Our Program at Hand was introduced by Jim Williams. “It’s good to have Barbara Stone today. She was a professor who is now retired. Now, she does political radio. Please welcome Barbara to our club.” Professor Barbara Stone takes the stage and announces that she was not checking the score to the Dodgers/Padres game. “Happy election year everybody.” She joked that the topic of conversation the day after the elections would be the President’s election. Professor Stone gave the club an entertaining political update. The topics brought up were issues in the House of Representatives. Issues like inflation, how Democrats and Republican representatives would relay the message to the public, “the messaging is the problem. Democrats and Republicans do it and they can sell anything to us as long as the messaging is right.” Her expertise on what to expect from Presidential election was on display. “People turn out for presidential elections that usually don’t vote other times. Minorities tend to vote Democrat.” She expects Republicans to win the House but not in California. Her passion for elections were evident throughout her presentation. “I just love elections,” she passionately yelled out. For fun, she touched on California proposition on the ballots. Prop 26, would allow Native American casinos and California’s four horse race tracks to offer in-person sports betting and permit tribal casinos to begin offering roulette and dice games. Prop 27, would allow licensed tribes and large gaming companies to offer online and mobile sports betting outside tribal lands. “I gamble only on horses and sure things,” she said. California proposition 1, guarantee abortion rights in state constitution, was put on the ballot to ensure that reproductive health care remains a constitutional right in the state of California. “Abortion is legal until a physician says that the fetus is 24 weeks in to the pregnancy,” she explained about the current law on abortion in California. Professor Stone’s entertaining expertise on politics was a smash with the club, “Americans, on the whole, want to be good citizens. But they don’t want to put the time in that is necessary to be good citizens. They find somebody to influence them.” President Joe Lins took the stage to present Professor Stone the highly coveted speaker’s gift. “Thank you, Barbara. You are always inspiring and entertaining.” Save the date, next week is our 100th Anniversary, aka, the Rotary Party of the Century at the Summit House.

Last thing on the agenda was the 50/50 drawing. “I’ve got some money to give out this morning. Correction. This afternoon!” Lucky ticket holder 6369338, Fullerton Rotary Club guest wins the drawing. “Thank you for coming today and if you need anything between now and then make sure we know. Charge on! Meeting is adjourned.”

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Professor Barbara Stone Informs and Entertains
Join the Evening Celebration at the Summit House @ 5:30
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11/9/22 Veteran's Day Celebration
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JPL / NASA Representative & Story Teller Paul Prosper
Joyce capelle is in charge of our thanksgiving program
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