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Volume 82 Issue 17 Wed Nov 2, 2022

Rota-Scribe: Gerardo Chagolla

A Day in the Life of an Emergency Room Physician
Proposed New Members: Theresa (Taz) Stachelski, Guild Mortgage, Fullerton, by Susan Ouweleen
Steve McLaughlin, Fullerton HS Superintendent, by Dan Ouweleen
Carl Zener, Fullerton HS Administator, by Dan Ouweleen
Nadia Kohlwey, Circa Real Estate, by Suzy Ouweleen
Pat Hartnett, Attorney by Jim Williams
Meeting was called to order by club President Joe Lins. He welcomed everyone in attendance, how about that party at The Summit House last week? He thanked Leslie McCarthy and the fun committee for an all-around great evening.

Mike Oates received a special shout out for hanging out with President Lins on Saturday morning for the annual Pumpkin Run event. We gave away about 1,000 of our clubs Retro T-Shirts. He emphasized the use of Fullerton Rotary Clubs mailing list. The clubs list is private and is for club business use only! President Lins announced that the auditorium formerly known as The Plummer Auditorium is approaching completion. John Phelps can arrange for a tour of the auditorium. How many would be interested in a tour after one of our upcoming events?

Todays Important facts; congratulations are in order to Los Angeles Dodgers player and Cal State Fullerton University alumni for being awarded MLBs Roberto Clemente Award 2022. Award is given annually to the player who represents the game through extraordinary character, community involvement, philanthropy and positive contributions, on and off the field. In other MLB news, the Houston Astros blew a no hitter game in the bottom of the first inning. They also lost the game to the Philadelphia Phillies 7-0. The Phillies are now in the lead 2-1. In NFL news, a few weeks ago, there was a lively discussion on who was the worse team among the Los Angeles Rams, Seattle Seahawks, or the Denver Broncos. All three teams have turned a corner in a positive direction, they must have heard the rumblings from the Fullerton Rotary Club. Finally, the Los Angeles Lakers broke their perfect loss record. They are now 1-5. For our commencement ceremonies,

Monica Fernandez led us in our clubs Invocation. With November elections around the corner, her prayer was election based. In an election year, love feels extra challenging when your environment often pushes you to pick one side and shun the other, she recited. We dont have to agree with others opinions or beliefs but being open to listening will get us to a better place to be able to live and work together in peace, Amen.

Mike Oates led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. The pledge to this flag represents all the freedoms of this country. Todays guest in attendance were Bill Edman, guest of Dan Ouweleen. Bill Edman, you are on the cusp of getting a letter and becoming a member of the club, said President Lins

Beth Jahncke, wife and guest of Bob Jahncke, I brought my best girlfriend, said Bob. Bob Blanton, guest and best brother in law of Jim Williams. Father Barrett Van Buren, director of church in Placentia and guest of Carol Morris. Dub Dres from St. Jude hospital, and guest of Joe Lins. Dr. Jeremy Lins, guest and son of President Lins. Ive looked up to him since he was born, said President Lins. Best Wife Ever, Sally Williams, guest of Jim Williams. Liza Wozab, long time friend and guest of Leland Wilson. Welcome all guest!

Our Rotary Minute is now a small craft talk segment renamed Vocational Minute featuring Brett Ackerman. Brett thanked club members for the warm welcome. I am the vocational director on the Board for Fullerton Rotary Club, the director for the Boys and Girls Club Youth Development Program. We have 4 locations in Fullerton. We service about 17 different schools in Fullerton with about 250 kids. Brett is responsible for many things like; fundraising, academic success, healthy lifestyles, academics and leadership. Good Job Brett Ackerman!

Our Songmaster today was Bob Muschek. First thing I want to do is thank Joe for the opportunity to come back. Unfortunately, we had some problems with 12 Days of Christmas where I had to start assigning people for 2 days each because I was running out of tables. He choose Smile, the go to Fullerton Rotary Club song. We recited one verse, first, then did the actual performance, for the older folks here, please dont forget where your seat is, he jokingly warned.

Todays announcements began with Farrell Hirsch. Farrell announced the passing of Andy Urceck, member of Orange Rotary Club. He was a member of the board of governors at the Muck. I think he played poker with a bunch of Rotarians. Andy had been ill for the past couple of years. Leslie McCarthys announcement consisted of recognition of the committee responsible for the 100-year anniversary event. A round of applause for the sponsors who took us to the past. Please stand. For everyone who pitched in please stand, including Gerardo who took pictures all night. Thank you!

Jim Williams asked, how many people feel they owe something to the Veterans? He announced next weeks program, Invite a Veteran to Lunch. If you have a veteran in your fam, this is a good time to invite them to lunch. Also, the Fullerton Veterans Parade is on Saturday. Rick Cranes office is the starting point at 0930 hours. Thad Sanford took the podium and added to Jims announcement, everyone should march at the parade and if you do please wear Rotary paraphernalia. Rick Crane stood up to clarify, please, meet at my building. Not my office. There will be no coffee or eggs benedict, comically stated Rick Crane.

Bob Jahncke stood up and recognized Carol Morris for her replica logo that he created in the past. President Lins transitioned to a wonderful moment for Carol Morris. Carol has completed all the necessary things to have her Newest Nine Ribbon removed. Congratulations Carol Morris!

Our Program at Hand, A Day in the Life of an Emergency Room Physician. President Lins introduced our guest speakers, I am so pleased and proud to introduce not one but two of our ER Doctors from St. Jude Medical Center. Dr. Andrew Krieger grew up in Upstate New York. He moved to Orange County in 2005. Dr. Krieger completed his undergraduate at USC and medical school at St. Louis University in Missouri. He joined St. Jude in 2016. Dr. Krieger is married to Jacqueline, who is also an ER Doctor at St. Jude. He and his wife have two French Bulldogs. Dr. Michael Kulczycki has been with St. Jude since 2015. He attended Medical School at Toronto University and completed his residency at the popular Arrowhead Regional Medical Center. He and his wife have 2 Australian Sheppards. Please join me in welcoming Dr. Krieger and Dr. Kulczycki to Fullerton Rotary Club. Both Doctors show their respect to the club and thanked us for the face masks during COVID-19. We didnt create a PowerPoint because we really cant take pictures of what we do, said Dr. Krieger. I want to echo some of the things that Andrew said. Patient privacy is taken very seriously. We feel honored to be here. Both Andrew and I have been with St. Jude for 6-7 years. It is a privilege to work with the community, said Dr. Kulczycki. During their presentation, they touched on the most asked questions they get. Wondering why we signed up for the night shift? Mine are the moments that come up every so often. The ones that make me stop and think, how did I handle myself during that moment? You start contemplating career choices. Start to develop an appreciation for all of it. We work in collaboration with other physicians. A day in the life of a physician comes with preparation. Great sleep and a ton of coffee. We are moving the whole time. Some days its too busy to get lunch or a snack. Occasionally, we have a slow day, but a quiet day doesnt exist anymore. Days like the Super Bowl is when the ER is a ghost-town. They explained what control chaos means for the ER team. We say hello and get things moving quickly. The department figured out if they waited for beds to be opened, it will be a 9 hour wait. They realized that moving quickly as a team allows physicians to see patients quicker. We have an amazing group of people. Its not perfect but it allows us to move. The control chaos is us, it allows workflow to run better. Controlling the chaos means running the list. Look at the patient's injury list, move them where they need to be quickly. Drinking water and the process to keep moving are a daily routine, said Dr. Krieger. Because of patient confidentiality, they werent able to share actual stories, but shared a couple cases that include the concept of team and how ER Doctors are in direct communication from start to finish during the patients stay at St. Jude. Dr. Krueger shared a heartfelt moment of a patient who was on his last days, these are the moments I feel so honored to be a part of. Maybe, its not like this every day, but these are the moments. They closed their speech with some special remarks. Some of the things we most appreciate are that we have a rewarding career. We make an impact. We have a phenomenal team at St. Judes. It is a privilege to take care of our patients. They put their trust in us during their most difficult moments. Thank you for letting us speak today.

President Lins, past Chairman of the Board at St. Jude, shared that at St. Judes Hospital, patient safety and satisfaction are a perfect outcome. I am a big T-Shirt guy, he showed the club members his St. Judes t-shirt he was wearing. Well, Ive got T-Shirts here too. He awarded them both Retro T-Shirts and the highly coveted speakers gift. Its guys like this that will take care of you in your worst of times. Last thing on the agenda is the 50/50 drawing. Ive got some money to give out this afternoon. $26 are up for grabs. Lucky ticket number 6369368. John Phelps is the lucky winner. I want to thank everyone for coming today. Jim, thanks for putting the program together, the Veterans program for lunch next week. Charge On! Meeting is adjourned.

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