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Volume 82 Issue 18 Wed Nov 9, 2022

Rota-Scribe: Gerardo Chagolla

Fullerton Rotary Club-Veterans Day with Marty Burbank
Proposed New Members: Theresa (Taz) Stachelski, Guild Mortgage, Fullerton, by Susan Ouweleen
Steve McLaughlin, Fullerton HS Superintendent, by Dan Ouweleen
Carl Zener, Fullerton HS Administator, by Dan Ouweleen
Nadia Kohlwey, Circa Real Estate, by Suzy Ouweleen
Pat Hartnett, Attorney by Jim Williams

Meeting was called to order by club President Joe Lins. He welcomed everyone in attendance, “it’s great to see everyone this AFTERNOON considering the amazing weather we had yesterday!”

He updated everyone on Bob “The Complete Package” Cummins, who’s building suffered some damage during the storm. “One of the very large trees fell down, taking with it a power pole and pretty much demolished the left side of the building. Lucky for everyone, no one was hurt but there is a lot of damage.”

Today’s important facts; “back in 1620, on November 9, the passengers and crew of the Mayflower sighted Cape Cod,” joked President Lins.

In baseball news, baseball Hall of Famer and past Los Angeles Angels manager Whitey Herzog turned 91. Herzog managed the Angel’s in 1993 and 1994 seasons. In NBA news, the Los Angeles Lakers are now tied with the Detroit Pistons with 8 loses. That’s 1 loss behind Houston Rockets and the Orlando Magic, who are at 9 loses. The really really big news is the Powerball Ticket that was sold in Altadena, California, at Joe’s Service (no relation to President Joe Lins) Station. “Could you even imagine a $2 Billion payday?”

For our commencement ceremonies, Leslie McCarthy stepped in last minute and gave our invocation. She asked the club to bow their heads and thank the lord. “Thank you, God for Fullerton being relatively unscathed with the rain yesterday. Bless this food and bless us all. Allow us to continue to serve this community. Amen!”

Marty Burbank led us in our Pledge of Allegiance.

Today’s guests in attendance, Andrew Gregson introduced his guest, “the mother of my daughter. My lovely wife, Jennifer Gregson.” Jim Williams’ wife, “Best Wife Ever” Sally Williams, was in attendance and she introduced a very special guest. “Richard Fravenzimmer is an amazing friend and a military veteran.” Bailey Klein introduced her guest, Nikki Rogers, who is a Rotarian as well. Jeff Hutchinson’s guest was his sister Cathe Murphy and John Siblings, who is a military veteran. Welcome guest!

Our Vocational Moment was given to us by our very own Rotary Journalism Intern from Fullerton College Gerardo Chagolla. “Joe called me last night, my first thought was, am I in trouble? He asked me to do today’s Vocational Moment. How the U.S. Army changed my life and got me out of the hood/ghetto.” Gerardo gave a brief introduction to where he was born and raised. “Is anyone familiar with the NOCCCD building in Anaheim? The one that looks like a hospital? I was born there. I moved to Inglewood at 3 years old when my father walked out on us for the first time. We lived with my mom’s parents. 3 families living in a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment. We were kicked out because of the construction of the 105 freeway in that area. My mom was able to save up some money alongside the money she received from a car accident and placed a down payment on a duplex with her sister’s family. We moved more in to the city. I grew up on a street where there were 4 gangs and a lot of dangerous activities. I saw some crazy things. After high school, I knew I wanted to get out of the Hood so I enlisted in the Army in 2003. I got to go to places I never thought I would have ever been able to go to. Even the small towns in the Mid-West and the South. After I got out, I didn’t want to go back to Inglewood, because there was nothing for me, no future only a past. My friends were dying because of the senseless violence. My mom moved to Salt Lake City with my youngest siblings, so I moved to Salt Lake to help her raise them. I went to college for a bit in Utah, where I met my wife at a Utah Grizzlies hockey game. We had a son, so I dropped out of school to become a husband and a father. After 10 years of marriage, we called it quits and I decided to move back to California. The move was in late 2019 early 2020. I brought my little brother with me. I told my mom that I would be held responsible for him since I pretty much raised him (we are 15 years apart). The pandemic really put a halt on everything I had planned. School was always the top priority, I registered at Fullerton College for the Spring 2021 semester to finish what I started a long time ago and I intent to go even further than what I was statistically expected to. Right now, I am the Editor In Chief at the Hornet, were we are producing the best possible content ever.”

Our Songmaster today was Theresa Harvey. She led us with the song “You’re a Grand Ole Flag.” It was a success!

Our Finemaster and Recognition Master this week was Past President Captain Dick Daybell. Immediately, he fined everyone who sat at the back table a $5 fee. He asked John Phelps to stand and be recognized. “I understand you just got back from an adventurous trip? That’s going to cost you $5.” John Phelps asked how do you define adventurous, “I went with my wife. How can you say that it was adventurous?” comically joked John. Captain Daybell had a funny interaction next. He asked Duane Greenleaf to stand and be recognized. “Duane, good to see you after so long. That is it, no fine.” Cathy Gach was recognized for her great work as the Club’s treasurer. “You’ve done a fantastic job over the years.” Brett Ackerman was asked to stand and be recognized. Brett made it known that he did not have his wallet with him. He was safe, Captain was not fining people much today. He asked Brett what happened on this day a few years back. “I joined Rotary this month in 2013.” Congratulations on your Rotary anniversary. Carol Morris was recognized for her Rotary Anniversary as well. “Carol stepped up and is acting as secretary.” Past President Zoot Velasco was asked to stand and be recognized, “Zoot, you and your successor as President, Joe Lins. Back when I was President, we had banners, my question is, did you furnish any banners for Joe?” Zoot answered that Joe is all “bannered up, and he has rhinos.” For that comment, Captain fined him a buck. Great job Captain Daybell!

Today’s announcements began with Joyce Capelle. Joyce announced that there were people at the 100 year anniversary she hadn’t seen in decades. She also announced that an anonymous caller will match dollar for dollar any money contributed to the Fullerton Rotary Club organization, up to $50,000. “It’s hard to turn down a dollar for dollar contribution.”

Bill Mathy announcement was about fellowship lunches. He asked members to check for emails. “Lunches won’t start until the beginning of early next year.”

Andrew Gregson announced the North Orange County Chamber event, “Businesses Giving Back; Fall Networking Mixer.” This event takes place Monday, November 21, 2022 from 11:30 am to 01:30 pm at the Boys and Girls Club of Fullerton. He wants Rotary Club members to participate and bring gifts.

Leslie McCarthy announced that December 14, event, “An evening of Christmas Cheer,” at John and Kerry Phelps’ home. Jim Williams and Zoot Velasco announced in preparation of next weeks program, “Launching New Frontiers in Space Science,” with JPL/NASA Representative and Storyteller Paul Propster. Zoot announced Fullerton Football Homecoming game on Saturday, Nov. 12.

Our Program at Hand, “Veterans Day with Marty Burbank.” Marty Burbank is a proud Navy Veteran. “Today’s program is dedicated to Veterans. I want all Veterans to please come up and share your stories.”

Minard Duncan was up first. Minard was drafted in to the Army in 1952. He comes from a super patriotic family. Dad was in World War 1 and uncle was in World War 2. Minard is proud he served in Korea. It changed his life for the better. “I am a proud veteran.”

Thad Sandford served in the Air Force. He grew up in Texas where he went to Texas A&M. There, he was part of the Reserved Officers Training Corps program were and he was expected to serve. He was commissioned in the Air Force. Growing up in the early sixties, the Space Age era. “I am very proud of serving in the Air Force. I am a proud veteran. Thank the lord and thank this country.”

Bob Muscheck served in the Army. He grew up in Philadelphia. He signed up during the draft. The Army told him he had to go to flight school. After the war, he was stationed in Alabama, “the biggest adventure in my career was in Alabama.” Years later, the Army sent him back to school to earn his Masters degree. During his last tour, he taught math at the academy. After 22 years in the Army, he got out.

Dan Kiernan served in the National Guard where he was assigned in the 60 MM mortars. He was born and raised in New York City. Dan thinks everyone in public office should serve in the military. “I am proud of my service.”

Captain Dick Daybell served in the Navy. In 1962 he was assigned as an officer in charged of construction in South Carolina. The Navy changed his life and helped his career. The Captain thinks all young people should join the service.

Bill Hite went to Korea. He was discharged in 1969. He wanted to honor his father who served in World War 2.

Guest John Siblings is a Vietnam veteran. He is very proud he served. Also agrees with the Captain, all young men should serve. He took a moment to honor all the parents who lost sons and daughters in the war.

Guest Richard Frauenzimmer served in the Air Force for 4 years. He spent a year in Vietnam and in Turkey. He is very proud of his nephew who took over command in Norfolk, Virginia. He is a also proud of his service.

Andrew Gregson joined the Army at 16. “Thank you to those who gave their yesterday, for today.” He was an infantryman guarding Buckingham Palace. He served in Germany and Northern Ireland. He was also part of the Gulf War where it was his first time meeting American Military soldiers. There he served alongside the Marine Corps. He is very proud of his service.

Raco served in the Army during Vietnam under the medical corps as a Pharmacy Specialist. He had family members serving in Vietnam at the same time as him. He finished his Army career in Okinawa, Japan.

Zoot Velasco approached the podium to recognize former Fullerton Mayor A.B. “Buck” Catlin who signed up in the Navy during World War 2.

Jim Williams approached the podium to honor those former Fullerton Rotary Club members who served in the military.

John Phelps enlisted in the Marine Corps where he was stationed in Jacksonville, Florida. He is very proud of his service in the corps.

The man who put this program together, Marty Burbank, took the stage. “I served in the Navy for 12 years. I spent four of those years in Hawaii as a Navy diver. The military paid for me to go to law school. Thank you to all who served and thank you for all the support from those that didn’t serve.” President Lins presented Marty Burbank with the highly coveted speaker’s gift, “I wish I had a gift for all the veterans.”

Last thing on the agenda was the 50/50 drawing. “I’ve got money to give out this AFTERNOON.” Lucky ticket holder number 6369416, Farrell Hirsch wins the money. “Thank you for coming today, our program next week will be Master Story Teller Paul Propster from JPL & NASA whose topic is Launching New Frontiers is Space Science. If you need anything between now and then make sure we know. Charge on! Meeting is adjourned”

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11/9/22 Veteran's Day Celebration
Rotary Members Invite Veterans to join us for Lunch
11/16/22 Launching New Frontiers in Space Science
JPL / NASA Representative & Story Teller Paul Prosper
Joyce capelle is in charge of our thanksgiving program
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